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My name is Jordan Sisco and my husband is Chance Sisco. He is a catcher for the Baltimore Orioles. As all of you know, living this crazy baseball life brings us all kinds of different opportunities, amazing memories, rollercoaster rides of emotion and new faces to meet all along the way! We have made a ton of awesome friends on this journey together but one couple in particular that has truly become like family to us are our dear friends Mike and Madison Wright! I'm not quite sure where to even begin with these two. They are generous, kind, positive, hilarious (Mike is by far one of the funniest people you'll ever meet), & overall just incredible people that Chance and I have been blessed to call them close friends. Many of you may not know this but Mike’s mother was diagnosed with dementia in March 2015, and is only progressively getting worse. To watch the effects it has had on Mike, as well as Madison & their families, has been heart wrenching. To see how they handle it all while still being a bright light to others is truly incredible. Dementia does not yet have a cure, and leaves a TON of families in tough spots to care for their loved ones while not being able to cure them. Mike’s sister, Tiffany, serves as the primary caretaker for their mother while also working full-time and serving as the Executive Director for @WrightStateofMind. As someone who has a long history of dementia in my own family, witnessing Mike, Madison & Tiffany tirelessly fight to bring awareness to this tragic disease has made it the easiest decision Chance and I have ever made to jump on board and help in any way that we can with their nonprofit @WrightStateOfMind. We believe with our whole hearts in what the work they are doing through their organization. It is a privilege to be able to call them our friends and to help in any way that we can! Thank you Mike and Madison for always being a positive light to others and a true inspiration even through your toughest of times!


My name is Jill Davis. I am married to Chris Davis (Orioles). We have experienced our share of highs and lows in our baseball journey but our favorite memories are those we’ve made while supporting causes that are close to our hearts. One of which is the nonprofit organization that our friends, Mike and Madison Wright, have started to honor Mike’s Mom, Sherry, who suffers from dementia. Wright State of Mind is directed by Mike’s sister, Tiffany, who is Sherry’s primary caregiver. Together they are loving and encouraging families and caregivers affected by dementia. As well as raising funds for much needed research. Their story is an inspiration to us and a true testament to their faith. We are so grateful for the opportunity to support this great cause!